– Winner Paid On-Site (Since September 2016) Across All Series –

– $10k Min 1st Place Prize At All 2017 NS Events (Presented by Golf Interact) –  

– Consistent Membership & Purse Structure Across Series – Great Tournaments – Q School Reimbursement –

– Performance Prize Money – “4 for 4” Majors Prize Money  – Partner Club Access for Members – Host Housing – Pro-Ams – & More –

COMPARE – Develop & Advance vs “Mini” Tours

(Additional 2017 benefits, schedule, announcements will be available @ swingthought.com as they are released)


NEW 2017 National Series (NS) PLAYER BENEFIT (Flip for info!)

$10,000 Minimum 1st Place Prize 
presented by Golf Interact

The experience of winning a tournament and being paid on-site (since September 2016) on the ST TOUR is very cool.

The experience of winning a minimum of $10,000 on-site is BIG! 

Players will now be able to count on the opportunity to compete for a minimum of $10,000 1st place winning check at all 2017 National Series events that have 40 or more players, otherwise 15% of the purse will go the winner.

Full announcement here


National Series (NS), Qualifying Series (QS), State Series (SS):

80% purse payback – $10k min 1st place prize (NS only) – Winner paid on-site (all events) – Additional prize money per event offerings

(ex: Majors) – see below, schedule, and events info sheets for additional per event/series benefits

$10k min 1st place prize presented by Golf Interact (*min of 40 players in field required)


NS/QS: *Cut: 33% and ties if field size is 50 or below, 35% if field size is 51 or above, if over 110 players cut is 45 & ties

SS:**Cut after 36 holes to low 30%, no ties



NS72 hole: $875 – $930 Member / $1150- $1200 Non-member / $700 Amateur  (or otherwise noted in schedule due to date, location, season) 

QS36: $400 Member / $450 Non-member / $250 Amateur / 54: $550 Member / $650 Non-member / $325 Amateur / 54 (no cut): See rate per event (or otherwise noted in schedule due to location, date, season)

SS18, 36, 54, 54 (no cut) – varies by state – please check schedule for SS event pricing in your local area (typically same or near QS pricing above)

SwingThought TOUR 2017 Policies


Every golfer has swing thoughts. Ours are DEVELOP & ADVANCE.

On average 55% of the Web.com Tour & 40% of PGA Tour fields are SwingThought TOUR alumni! 

The choice is clear. DEVELOP & ADVANCE your GAME with SwingThought TOUR.



National Series – Southern Hills Plantation
coming soon
Qualifying Series – TBA
coming soon
Carolina Series – TBA
coming soon
Florida Series – TBA
coming soon
SoCal Series – TBA
coming soon


Special through Feb 15th, 2017 – $400/$300 off normal price!

Invest in your game with benefits on & off the course that develop & advance your career 

  • SwingThought TOUR member benefits in 2017
    • Save $275+ (NS events)  & $100+ (QS, SS events) in entry fees per event (5 NS events & this benefit alone pays for 2017 membership)
    • Top 5 on money list earn 2017 Q School reimbursement (Full members only)
    • #1 on on money list, earns $2,500 bonus (Full members only) (NEW!)
    • Additional bonus prize money opportunities with “4 for 4” 2017 Majors (Full members only) (NEW!)
    • Priority host housing (save hundreds of $$ per week – where available)
    • Direct deposit available for earnings (+ roll over option) (Full members only)
    • Special access w/ affiliate clubs across ST TOUR states (ex: Orange County National)
    • Chance to earn SwingThought endorsement contract (Full members only)
    • Top Money Leader from each State Series earns 2018 Membership (Full members only)
    • Equipment discounts (upon approval of suppliers) (Full members only)
    • Compete in minimum of 11 National Series events – earn 25% off 2018 membership
    *Full members receive a 2017 membership package incl: ID Card, ST products, and more – ships Jan 2017


12 month & 90 day memberships available (entry fee savings +  major additional benefits)
12 month
After Jan 1st, 2017 – Renewal ($1,700), 2016 U.S tour member (any) ($1,700), New ($2,000)
CURRENT SPECIAL HAPPENING NOW – $300/$400 off prices above for renewal/new member!

SwingThought TOUR 2017 Policies

90 day
Prior to March 1, 2017 ($750) / On and after March 1, 2017 ($950)

SwingThought TOUR 2017 Policies



Unique Brands Delivering Unique Experiences

Bradley Putters 2017 Experience Offering (click here for more)


Preparing for life on the Web.com and PGA Tours

54, 54 (no cut) & 72 (primary) hole tournaments

80% purse payout + $10k min 1st place prize (presented by Golf Interact) + winner paid on-site (since Sept 2016)

    • Faster payment (NEW!)
    • “4 for 4” Majors – these events will feature an additional $4,000 prize to winner (NEW!)
    • Best earning opportunities in U.S developmental golf 
    • Events mirror Web.com & PGA Tour experience
    • Compete against the best, on the best courses
    • Player friendly schedule structure – Events finish on Friday or Saturday allowing ample travel time to PGA & Web.com qualifiers
    • Develop your game nationally as a touring professional
    • Paid Pro-Ams, shootouts, host housing, fans, clinics
    • Check pick up at next event (standard on SwingThought TOUR)
    • Unlimited range balls & practice rounds


BEST IN CLASS opportunities for all players (Members / Non):
+ “4 for 4” Majors – these events will feature an additional $4,000 prize to winner (NEW!)
+ Win any tournament with field size over 100 players, & receive an additional $1,000 (NEW!)
+ National Series end of year Top 10s leader – $2,000 bonus, Top 20s leader – $1,000 bonus (NEW!)

SwingThought TOUR 2017 Policies

+ Check pick up at next event (long time standard on SwingThought TOUR)
12 Month Members additional earning opportunities (+ all above):
+ #1 on 2017 money list, earns $2,500 bonus (NEW!)
+ Top 5 on 2017 money list receive Q School reimbursement
+ Win 2 of 4 majors & earn addt’l $2,000 / Win “4 of 4” & earn $5,000 (+ “4 for 4” prize $$) (NEW!)
+ Priority for paid pro-ams, shootouts, and more

SwingThought TOUR 2017 Policies



Compete & earn conveniently near Web & PGA Tour Monday Qualifiers 

36, 54, & 54 (no cut) hole tournaments

80% purse payout + winner paid on-site (since Sept 2016) + $500 credit towards next ST TOUR event (NEW!)

    • Events located and scheduled near Web and PGA Monday Qualifiers


Contact ST Tour QS Director for details 
Trevor Ming – trevor@swingthought.com
Series News @sttourQS

SwingThought TOUR 2017 Policies



Great preparation for Monday Qualifiers, ST TOUR QS & NS events

18, 36, 54, & 54 (no cut) hole tournaments

80% purse payout + winner paid on-site (since Sept 2016)

    • Faster payment (NEW!)
    • Events in NC, SC, GA, FL, CA (AZ, TX, Midwest coming soon)
    • Develop your game locally as professional


Contact your ST Tour State Director for details 
Entry fees vary per State, see schedule for pricing!
Carolina –  jason@swingthought.com (NC/Mountains) / Series News @sttourNC
terry@swingthought.com (SC/coastal)  / Series news @sttourSC
Florida – tony@swingthought.com / Series News @sttourflorida

SwingThought TOUR 2017 Policies

Texas – trevor@swingthought.com  Series News @sttourtexas
Southern California – bruchet@swingthought.com  / Series News @sttourSoCal


Game changing companies



SwingThought TOUR was built with a BIG vision in mind to deliver more access to the experience of golf to golfers, courses and communities
Our tour is owned and operated by Golf Interact a parent company that is managed by a number of entrepreneurs, and led by me, a professional golfer, entrepreneur, and fellow investor.  I started businesses in college, worked for Callaway, turned pro a few years ago, and I have played competitive golf most of my life. As a company we are absolutely committed to delivering a system that scales the value proposition for all involved. We made a number of changes during our consolidation period of the former legacy tours run by previous leadership, and we will continue our pursuit of our vision through successes and challenges.
I want to help players but even more so I want to help golf. It is one of my deepest of hopes that in that weird and strange sentence that you take my desire and vision for something bigger than the current landscape, circumstances, as the evidence that I do in fact love my fellow players. We, as a tour team and at Golf Interact, work to serve you through our corporate vision and plans. This is what motivates us to take on big challenges. There is more for you and us all than what has been available in this segment of the industry. Please join us and enjoy our tour benefits along the way, and they will grow. As more players get behind ST TOUR, more benefits will come. We have a number of major sponsors just waiting for our system to ignite. Let’s compete, and let’s also build together. We are building something much greater for the whole so as individuals we can experience golf more, and to a greater degree. I truly hope you enjoy your experience on the ST TOUR and you develop and advance. 
I could write a million and one words on this subject as a love letter to players and/or golf but no one likes to read anymore so I will just see you out there in 2017!
Not all goals can be mini. I would argue none should be.
Michael Rush –  Founder & CEO – Golf Interact / SwingThought TOUR 



Golf Interact employs a number of current and former professional golfers, former head pros, sales reps, and more.
If you are interested in joining the team that is doing BIG things behind the scenes in golf drop us a note!


  • 2017Begin to build out the scalable model (driving more value to players, courses, sponsors, and partners)
    • Launched NS, QS, SS system to deliver more access to more golfers, courses, and communities
      • New benefits, course partners, sponsors – focused on scailing value for all
      • “Mini” doesn’t do much for beyond a select few, and only for a short time – takes a bigger gaol/vision to create more opportunity / “Mini” isn’t what we are doing
  • 2016 Over 80 ST TOUR players advanced to the Web.com Tour
    • Developed and advanced more players to the next level than any other tour
    • Paid out more prize money than any other developmental tour
    • Made event model changes to develop healthy model that can scale (change from ways of old), in order to provide a healthy and scalable tour for players, partners, sponsors, and the industry
    • Started paying winners on-site in September (have been since)
    • Made internal changes including leadership, and core values
  • 2015 89 ST TOUR players advanced to the Web.com Tour
    • Developed and advanced more players to the next level than any other tour
    • Awarded the most web.com event exemptions in developmental tour history
    • Golf Interact finalized the purchase & consolidation of the NGA and eGolf Tours
  • 2015 – Sponsored by Golf Interact and renamed the Swing Thought TOUR
  • 2011 – Purchased by Hooters Tour President Robin Waters & renamed NGA Pro Golf Tour
  • 1995 – Purchased by Hooters founder Robert H. Brooks
  • 1994 – Sponsored by Hooters founder Robert H. Brooks
  • 1988 – Founded by T.C. “Rick” Jordan
  • Today, the SwingThought TOUR is recognized as #1 and longest running (28 years) Professional Developmental Golf Tour in the United States
  • On average 55% of every Web.com Tour & 40% of every PGA Tour fields are SwingThought TOUR Alumni.
  • 17 Major Championships victories have be won by SwingThought TOUR Alumni
  • 500+ STT alumni have played in the PGA Tour system (1000 plus either as member or event exemption or monday qualifier)
  • Over $100 Million in winnings paid out to tour professionals (by STT in developmental golf)
  • Awarded MORE Web.com Tour event specific exemptions than any other developmental tour in the United States
  • In 2015, awarded 11 Web.com Tour event specific exemptions to STT players, the most ever in a single year
  • In 2015, STT was part of the highly televised prize package for the Golf Channels Big Break Myrtle Beach winner. The winner was awarded a full years exemption on the Swing Thought Tour
  • In 2015, Eighty Seven (87) Swing Thought TOUR past and current players gain status at the 2016 Web.com Tour Q School
Zach Johnson
2007 Masters Champion, 2015 British Open

Bubba Watson
2012 & 2014 Masters Champion

Keegan Bradley
2011 PGA Championship

Stewart Cink
2009 British Open

Lucas Glover
2009 U.S. Open

Ben Curtis
2003 British Open

Jim Furyk
2003 U.S. Open

Shaun Micheel
2003 PGA Championship

David Toms
2001 PGA Championship

Tom Lehman
1996 British Open

Lee Janzen
1993 & 1998 U.S. Open

John Daly
1991 PGA, 1995 British Open

Warren Abery 00
Brad Adamonis 03,05
Blake Adams 01-06
Mitch Adcock 89,94
Joe Affrunti 05-11
Fulton Allem 98,12
Mark Anderson 94,07,09
Alex Aragon 03
Connor Arendell 11-13
Ryan Armour 02-03
Ty Armstrong 91-92,96-97
Dewey Arnette 89,94
Perry Arthur 89-90
Arjun Atwal 13
Emlyn Aubrey 89
Eric Axley 02-05,10-13
Blayne Barber 12-13
Todd Barranger 92,95
Doug Barron 94
Brian Bateman 96
Russell Beirsdorf 89
Shane Bertsch 98
Matt Bettencourt 07
Tommy Biershenk 99,04-11
Kris Blanks 98,04-07
Jason Bohn 03
Rob Boldt 95-97
Justin Bolli 99-03
Matthew Borchert 01-11
Craig Bowden 92-95
Michael Boyd 04-06
Keegan Bradley 08-10
Michael Bradley 89-90
David Branshaw 96,98
D.J. Brigman 00-02
Mike Brisky 89-93
Scott Brown 07-09
Bart Bryant 89
Clark Burroughs 93
Chad Campbell 97-00
Mark Carnevale 89
Roberto Castro 07-10
Greg Cesano 92
Brandel Chamblee 89
Jim Chancey 89
Barry Cheesman 89
Michael Christie 93-95
Stewart Cink 95
Paul Claxton 93-94
Will Claxton 05-11
Chad Collins 02-05,12 ROY
Wil Collins 02-03,06,07,08
Erik Compton 03-06,10
Tim Conley 89,03
Michael Connell 98-05,07-09
Donald Constable 12
Carl Cooper 89
Kawika Cotner 92
Kris Cox 01,02
Chris Couch 04
Rod Curl 92
Jon Curran 09-13
Ben Curtis 01-02
John Daly 89
Robert Damron 95-96
Marco Dawson 95-96
Glen Day 89
Brendon de Jonge 05,06
Clark Dennis 89
Brent Delahoussaye 06-08,11
Jim Dent 89
Bubba Dickerson 04,05,10
Trevor Dodds 89-90
John Dowdall 89,91-92,94,96
Allen Doyle 95
Ken Duke 96
Joe Durant 89-90,92,94-95
Danny Ellis 94-95,08-11
John Engler Jr 03-04,05,07
Matt Every 06-07,10
Oliver Farr 11-13
Derek Fathauer 10-11
Rick Fehr 89
Jack Ferenz 91
Tony Finau 11,13
Nick Flanagan 05
Steve Flesch 94-95
Martin Flores 05,07-09
Cody Freeman 02-05,07,09
Robin Freeman 89-90
Jim Furyk 92
Bobby Gage 92,97
Tommy Gainey 07
Stephen Gangluff 07,08
Tom Garner 89
Robert Garrigus 98
Brian Gay 94-95
Kelly Gibson 89
Tom Gillis 95-97,02-05
Lucas Glover 02
Randy Glover 89
Lan Gooch 91,97
Bryan Gorman 94-95
Jeff Gove 94
Jimmy Green 93-95
Emiliano Grillo 11
Scott Gump 89
Scott Gutschewski 01
Chesson Hadley 10-13
Vance Haefner 89,91-92
John Hahn 13
Walter Hall 94-97
Brian Harman 10,11
Dennis Harrington 89
J.P. Hayes 89
Tom Hearn 90-91,93
Mike Heinen 91-92
Bob Heintz 98-99,01
Matt Hendrix 04-05,08,10-11
Russell Henley 11-12
Jim Herman 01
Greg Hickman 89,91
Justin Hicks 95,03-04,07
Ryan Hietala 00
Morgan Hoffman 11-12
Tom Hoge 11
Mike Holland 90
Ryan Howison 92-94
Billy Hurley III 09-11
Joe Inman 89
John Inman 95
Trip Isenhour 94-95
David Jackson 90
Scott Jamieson 07-09
Lee Janzen 89
Brandt Jobe 94
Eric Johnson 91-94
Howie Johnson 89
Zach Johnson 01-03
Jimmy Johnston 92,94,99
Kent Jones 94-95
Pete Jordan 89-90
Jeff Julian 95
Brian Kamm 89
Jerry Kelly 91-92,94
Skip Kendall 89-91
J.J. Killeen 06,07
Chris Kirk 09
Kevin Kisner 06-09
Chris Kite 89
Jeff Klauk 01,05
Russell Knox 07-11
Jason Knutzon 02
Jason Kokrak 09
Cliff Kresge 99-00,02-05,11
Bronson La’Cassie 07-09,11
Derek Lamely 07-08
Steve Lamontagne 89
Neal Lancaster 89-90
Franklin Langham 92,97
Scott Langley 11-12
Steve LeBrun 02-05,10-11
Tom Lehman 89-90
Greg Lesher 90-91
Michael Letzig 03-06
Spencer Levin 03-04
Craig Lile 02
Luke List 08-09
Edward Loar 00-01
Lyn Lott 89,92
Andrew Loupe 11-12
Steve Lowery 89-90
Bill Lunde 99-02
Wil MacKenzie 02-04
Jeff Maggert 89
John Maginnes 92
John Mallinger 03,04
Peter Malnati 10,13
Ben Martin 10
Don Massengale 89
David Mathis 97
Len Mattiace 91,94-95
Gareth Maybin 05-07
Scott McCarron 94
Will McGirt 07-08
Jim McGovern 89-90
Paul McIntire 89-91
Parker McLachlin 03-04
Tom McKnight 02-05
Matt McQuillan 09-10
Spike McRoy 93-96
Scott Medlin 93,98-99
John Merrick 04
Shaun Micheel 92-93,95
Tommy Moore 89,91
Perry Moss 92,95
Garth Mulroy 03-04,07
Tom Murray 10, 12
Kevin Na 03 California Series
Mike Nicolette 89
James Nitties 05-08
Sean O’Hair 01
Jack O’Keefe 94-95,98-02
James Oh 03,10
Chris Paisley 10-12
Ryan Palmer 01-02
Carl Paulson 93-94
David Peoples 89
Travis Perkins 02-07,09-10
Craig Perks 95-97
Tom Pernice Jr. 89
Peter Person 89
John Peterson 12
E.J. Pfister 89,91
Scott Piercy 05-07
Lee Porter 90-91
Ted Potter, Jr 05-11
Aron Price 05,06
Patrick Prince 98
Dillard Pruitt 89
Brett Quigley 95
Fran Quinn 89-90
Jonathan Randolph 06,09-13
Charles Raulerson 89,97
Kyle Reifers 09
Jim Renner 08-10
Tad Rhyan 90
Tag Ridings 97-98
John Riegger 91
Chris Riley 97
Wes Roach 13
Alexandre Rocha 01-02,04
John Rollins 98
John Ross 89,91,95-96,99
Hugh Royer III 89,10
Charlie Rymer 92-93
Carlos Sainz Jr 10-11
Sam Saunders 10-11
Dave Schreyer 90-97,01,03
Alan Schulte 89-90
Jason Schultz 97,10
Reinier Saxton 10-11
Patrick Sheehan 02-03
Don Shirey Jr. 89,93-94
Wes Short Jr. 97-01
Sonny Skinner 89
Heath Slocum 98-99
Byron Smith 04
Chris Smith 94
Nate Smith 07-08
Taylor Smith 90
Bob Sowards 94,09,10,11
Scott Stallings 07-09
Mike Standly 89
B.J. Staten 01-03
Iain Steel 96-97
Shawn Stefani 06-11
Darron Stiles 96,98,11
Dave Stockton Jr. 91-92
Robert Streb 10-12
Will Strickler 09-10,12
Chris Stroud 05-06
Kevin Streelman 05-07
Brian Stuard 05-09
Zack Sucher 09-13
Andrew Svoboda 04-10
Hudson Swafford 11-12
Mike Swartz 94-95,98
Roger Tambellini 99-00
Nick Taylor 10,13
Vaughn Taylor 99-03
Josh Teater 02-09
Steve Thomas 89-94
Dicky Thompson 89,94,96-99
Kyle Thompson 02
Michael Thompson 08-10
Chris Tidland 95
Brendon Todd 07,10,11
Ricky Todd 89
Tommy Tolles 89-90
David Toms 89-90
Paul Trittler 89
Andrew Tschudin 05-09
Chris Tucker 90
Tray Tyner 89
Peter Uihlein 12
Dawie Van der Walt 08-11
Vance Veazey 95-97
Camilo Villegas 05
Fred Wadsworth 91
Bubba Watson 03-04
Brian Watts 89
DeWitt Weaver 89
Doug Weaver 89,90-93
Boo Weekley 06
Ron Whitaker 95,00-01,04,05
Will Wilcox 09-12
Lee Williams 06-08, 10-12
Jay Williamson 91,94
Garrett Willis 96-99
Chris Wilson 07-09,11
Mark Wilson 98-01
Casey Wittenberg 04-08,10-11
Bob Wolcott 89
Gary Woodland 08
Jim Woodward 89
Kim Young 96

SwingThought TOUR is owned and operated by Golf Interact. We care deeply about our players & have invested more money into the developmental golf segment than any other tour since launching our tour system in 2015. At SwingThought TOUR we are committed to DEVELOPING & ADVANCING golf.

The SwingThought TOUR provides players the opportunity to experience all aspects of life as a true touring golf professional. Our system (and schedule), is structured around geographical series and different varieties of championship golf courses to subject our players to any type of course they may face at golf’s highest levels. The SwingThought TOUR is operated by a knowledgeable staff who are PGA and USGA certified. As evidenced by the success of our alumni, The SwingThought TOUR is the most proven avenue to the PGA and Web.com Tours. SwingThought TOUR alumni have won an amazing 17 Major Championships. Most recently, 87 of the 150 players who competed in the 2015 Web.com Tour Q School Final Stage were past players on the SwingThought TOUR. 

Golf Interact is a company that aims to drive golf into the future.

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