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Men and women golfers who choose to play SwingThought have the advantage of unrivaled support and true control over their journey.

We help defeat distractions along the journey towards your best golf.

Golfers have been calling for a new and better journey supportive model for decades. One that is backed by support, beyond what players can bring to the table themselves, and one that delivers excellent experiences and unrivaled return on entry.

Solving these challenges requires a completely new and beyond the box approach (i.e not a tour). SwingThought is an experience platform that delivers one of a kind solutions on-course and on-screen that defeat distractions along your journey towards your best golf. We have (re)purposed developmental golf into a valuable engagement engine, fueling a fresh and new vision for golf. This approach allows us to serve the golf journey, which has been undervalued for so long, in ways never before experienced by golfers of all levels.

Our efforts are motivated by the pains we have experienced along our own golf journeys, and also by the countless stories of men and women dealing with distractions that keep us from our best golf. We believe that golf is ingeniously agile by design, and with thought-first innovation, the game affords all kinds of ever evolving opportunity for the individual and the group. We are committed to serving all stakeholders as our platform benefits golfers, courses, communities and partners.

Every golfer, regardless of age and ability, has physical and emotional connections to the experience of the game (swing thoughts!) along the journey.

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to play and connect to the game. 



Minimum Guaranteed Prizes (MGPs) fuel unrivaled Return On Entry & Experience (ROE) from first to last place with more players paid at every ST event.


Upcoming Live Events

Each event page has all the details about our Choice Entry levels, Minimum Guaranteed Prizes and your potential Return on Entry, and any additional event details.

 Covid-19: Events will be added as we work with health officials and local partners. Event notice may be shorter than usual.


Serving College Players

From discounts on entries to exposure, SwingThought has your back along your golf journey with our 2020 STARTERS program. Click below for more information and to get in touch with us!

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