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ST Live Events

Not a tour, not mini, just SwingThought.
Men and women golfers develop and advance their games with best in class live event competitions.



Our players experience unrivaled Return On Entry & Experience (ROE) from first to last place with more players paid at every ST event. 

Unprecedented flexibility and control along your journey. 

With the all new Choice Entry now you control the level of risk you take on entry fees and the potential ROE that suits your game. After you choose your level, enjoy a simple and flexible experience with one competition, total prize fund and leaderboard.

Minimum Guaranteed Prizes (MGPs) offer the only guaranteed prizes for men and women in developmental golf.

You no longer have to rely on other players and field size to determine you potential return when you pay for your entry. We take the upfront risk.


Equal Access to Opportunity 

Men and women compete for the same prizes across a full schedule of competitions (a first in sports). We are taking the game to the next level by investing in the journey of all golfers.


Upcoming Live Events

Covid-19 update: More events will be added as we work with health officials and local partners. Event notice may be shorter than usual.


ST Membership Perks

ST members earn important rewards including level 4 access for maximum ROE. At the end of the season the top 25 ST Point earners are awarded a $1,000 sponsorship.

Learn more about how being a SwingThought member can take your game to the next level!


ST App (V1)

Coming Summer 2020
SwingThought App (v1)
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