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(Re)organizing developmental golf

Fueling tournaments with unrivaled guaranteed prizes

Golfers, courses, and communities now have a better solution from a TOUR created for something more. For the first time, golfers are provided everything upfront including every prize detail. Pros now are free to focus on competing on better courses with professional setups for guaranteed prizes starting with the equivalency of 60 player fields. Total payout is always 100% to 300% of member entry, delivering a better return from 1st to last place with 40% of the field being paid above the entry fee. Field size no longer dictates the opportunity for players, freeing them up to focus on their journey.

The exhausted “mini-tour” model and mindset is reactionary and hasn’t advanced developmental golf. Therefore, it is time for a new era where golf catches up with other sports with a focus on growth through horizontal engagement.

Our TOUR solution is part of a bigger thought and innovation vision forged from the golf journey pains experienced by a current tour player and life-long entrepreneur, supported by thought leaders, market makers, pro sport team owners, advisors, in addition to a qualified execution team, all bought into the company’s vision, mission and purpose. With 50+ consecutive events of on-time payments averaging over 100% total purse payouts…

SwingThought TOUR is just getting started.

The SwingThought TOUR is the most proven system for developing golfers to prepare for the PGA and Web.com Tours. In 2018, 63 of the 135 players who competed in Web.com Tour Q School Final Stage competed on the SwingThought TOUR, including 21 of the 49 players who earned status. Multiple SwingThought TOUR winners went on to advance in the same year. In 2017, 17 of the top 25 on the web.com money list are SwingThought TOUR alumni.





36 & 54 hole no-cut events, entry fees: $700 member, $950 non-member

40% of field paid, will earn $950 or better

Total payout is between 100% and 300% of member’s entry, guaranteed

$10,000 for 1st, $5,000 for 2nd, and $3,345 for 3rd

All prizes are guaranteed as if there are 60 players already in the field with a total payout of 100% of member’s entry



18 hole events, entry fees: $500 member, $750 non-member

Total payout is 100% of member’s entry, guaranteed

40% of field paid, top 30% earn $1,000 or better

See our prize chart, transparency spreadsheet and other player resources for full details. There are no hidden asterisks!


Investing in developing golfers fuels the future of the sport

 Over the last 2 1/2 years, we have been preparing to launch this model while providing 100%+ of member entry payouts and on time payments of 50+ consecutive events. We are focused on driving event and digital engagement of developing golfers, courses, and communities for our journey platform. This calls for investment directly into these groups. SwingThought’s business is organizing and aggregating engagement and our TOUR awards players for it!


In 2019 SwingThought TOUR awards a minimum of $1.00 and up to $3.00 for every $1 dollar spent on entry fees. By contrast “mini-tours” award players on average $.70 – $.95 cents in payout for every $1 dollar spent on entry fees. Furthermore, more sponsorship and prize money beyond player entries is awarded through SwingThought events than any other developmental system.

PRESS RELEASE: SwingThought acquires GOGI tech for journey platform (in development)

SwingThought is verified on social media with a growing following

Join in on the engagement activity of golf’s leading developmental platform. News on the future of the SwingThought platform and SwingThought TOUR will be announced throughout 2019.



SwingThought’s purpose is to organize the golfer’s journey.

In addition to our new GUARANTEED PRIZES for our events, we are rolling out a number of new features of our platform including new digital tools for all developing players. 

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