Control Your Journey

With the all new Choice Entry now you control the level of risk you take on entry fees and the potential Return On Entry & Experience (ROE) that suits your game.

ROE is the relationship between your entry fee risk and the potential reward of prizes. Understanding this relationship is crucial to understanding how best to invest in your game. We deliver best in class ROE across any finishing position. 

Choose your level and then enjoy an unmatched experience with one competition, total prize fund and leaderboard. 

Minimum Guaranteed Prizes

Our MGPs are the only guaranteed prizes available for men and women in developmental golf.  You no longer have to rely on other players and field size to determine you potential return when you pay for your entry.

We take the upfront risk so you can simply #PlaySwingThought & #DefeatDistractions


Inclusive Experiences & Equal Opportunity 

For the first time in sports the same Minimum Guaranteed Prizes, Choice Entry and Return On Entry and Experience are available to men and women across a full schedule of competitions! We believe men and women benefit from equal access to support, as well as frequent and consistent competition experience. Rather than doing what has been done over and over in golf to date by dividing engagement and interest into factions, we provide a one of a kind inclusive experience.

Our equitable competitions drive more engagement, interest and participation, driving more value the individual and the group.

Unrivaled Impact

To date we have invested over $3M directly into developmental professional golf with over 130 tournaments conducted since 2014. In addition to providing unmatched financial benefits, we develop and advance players more than any other system.

On average, over 50% of PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour fields have competed in more than 5 events with SwingThought prior to earning their cards. Our live event team is second to none with USGA & PGA experience, decades worth of course setup expertise and regularly completed rules schooling each year.

Did You Know?

ST Members earn important rewards including level 4 access for maximum ROE. At the end of the season the top 25 ST Point earners are awarded a $1,000 sponsorship.

Become a SwingThought member and take your game to new levels!


Upcoming Live Events

Each event page has all the details about our Choice Entry levels, Minimum Guaranteed Prizes and your potential Return on Entry, and any additional event details.

 Covid-19: Events will be added as we work with health officials and local partners. Event notice may be shorter than usual.


Serving College Players

From discounts on entries to exposure, SwingThought has your back along your golf journey with our 2020 STARTERS program. For details click below for more information or get in touch with our team!

ST Player Details & Responsibilities

Each ST event page has all the details for that particular tournament. With SwingThought everything is upfront, simple, consistent and designed to value you, the players, as ST influencers.

ST Player Handbook