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“If you are wondering why “swing thought” when thinking about our name. SwingThought started as a simple idea with a wrist band application with “mental triggers” on the ST Bands (ex; FOCUS, TEMPO). SwingThought as a brand represents (created, and one day will be synonymous with) one of the 5 categories that 100% of golfers use/rely on – Ball (ex: Titleist). Equipment (callaway). Course (Augusta). Apparel (Nike). Thoughts (SwingThought).

We all have ‘swing thoughts’!

It is a common thread for 100% of golfers regardless of age and ability. Our long term goal (5-10 years) is for SwingThought to be a world wide ecosystem of events (TOUR and more), technology and products all connected through this common thread, creating immense value and growing the game.

After starting my first company Golf Interact that was a niche online advertising & social platform in 2007, pre twitter, Facebook, etc and after I started SwingThought I turned professional. Playing competitive golf my whole life it was my dream to play professional competitive golf.  I found significant problems within the professional system (or lack there of), and I thought it was a major opportunity to create a system that would also become SwingThought’s scale platform to reach golfers, courses and communities while solving a specific problem (access) and because the brand could relate to 100% of the golfing population we could solve the problem and grow the game

It takes time to build out a big vision and mission. We are on our way, our tour is maybe in stage 2 of several to come, and we have learned a lot since taking on the industry’s tour challenges. I am very excited about our future and the future of the game.”

– Michael Rush

Pro golfer, Founder & CEO

Golf Interact / SwingThought TOUR

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Golf Interact is a golf company that aims to drive golf into the future by leading in innovation through events, technology, and products.

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