Breaking Down ST TOUR 2018

More Opportunities – More Reps – More Events – Unrivaled player support

So what is ST TOUR 2018?

ST TOUR is a developmental system far removed from the tired mini tour mold, as ST TOUR is designed to develop and advance players by providing the best competition experience combined with unrivaled direct to player support which is highlighted by our 44 Series & Race.

  • 44 Series consists of (8) designated National Series events with each having top 44 ST Players (members) invited to compete for NO entry fee (these ST Players are “sponsored” into event – no adverse impact to purse)!
  • 44 Sponsorship Race – Concluding with the 2018 Tour Championship in December where the top 44 qualifying ST Point earning ST Players (members) will each earn a $4,400 cash ST TOUR sponsorship presented by Golf Interact & tour partners!

Take a look at this page→ 2018 Season It has all the important information to help you navigate through 2018 ST TOUR.  

We also have tools for players – Purses and Points Examples, Budget Calculator, FAQ Page.

Like all tours that offer races and additional benefits there are moving parts. The Player Handbook has ALL of the details.

Here is a very brief version of ST TOUR 2018:

We offer you more reps. We offer events 42 out of 52 weeks in 2018. All events will feature at minimum 36 holes.

Convenient schedule, high quality experience. We play good to great golf courses often with strong community support which includes pro ams, host housing and more. Many events are near Tour and PGA Tour qualifiers. We have the best trained tour officials running our events to ensure a great experience that prepares golfers for the next level. All this adds up to our leading player advancement numbers each year.

We offer you perks. For every event you play, you earn ST Points. ST Points can be redeemed for entry fees.  FREE entry fees, DISCOUNTED entry fees. You choose. Only members (ST Players) can redeem points.

More perks. We have FPGs (First Place Guarantee). We guarantee the purse amount paid to the winner. There are low minimum number of players required in place. We do not change the purse amount that would be paid to the remainder of the field.  Repeat…that FPG money comes from ST TOUR, and is not pulled from the other payout spots.

ST School. Simply a way for you to earn more PERKS! These are in the form of FREE ENTRIES to events.  13 FREE entries are awarded to ST School Medalist (8 ‘44 Series’ Events, 4 Majors, and the Tour Championship.)  Other finishers earn perks, too. The perks awarded are based on the number of ST Players (Members) who have joined by the start of the final round. Detailed information about ST School can be found in the 2018 Player Handbook.

Click here for ST School benefit examples based on field size (+ additional event purse and points examples for the 2018 season!)

Can’t play ST School/Missed ST School? We get it, it is brand new – Not a problem! ST School is simply a jump start to the 2018 season. If you miss it, there are 41 other events that you can play!

How is ST TOUR able to offer all that it does? Our parent company Golf Interact has a long term vision of building a scalable ecosystem or marketplace of events, technology and products. With this in mind ST TOUR is the main marketing and future distribution platform for this larger business, fortunately for players our tour is a means to a larger end, which translates into a tour that can do more for players than mini tours, which by nature only stay alive if players stay in the same place and don’t develop and advance.

With ST TOUR, players in 2018 are incentivized to encourage other players to join the same system.  This raises benefits for the individual and the group as we believe what is best for the group is also best for the individual in the case of developmental golf.

Join us for an exciting 2018 as you develop and advance!


Mission: Develop & advance Golf by delivering access to golfers, courses & communities.

Wholly owned and operated by Golf Interact, LLC. The SwingThought TOUR is the only Professional Tour in the country, to offer a series of events, besides the PGA and Tours, to include 72-hole (36-hole cut) tournaments, and a year long points race offering sponsorship opportunities for players. The SwingThought TOUR provides players the opportunity to experience all aspects of life as a true touring golf professional with a schedule built around geographical series and different varieties of championship golf courses to subject our players to any type of course they may face at golf’s highest levels. The SwingThought TOUR is operated by a knowledgeable staff who are PGA and USGA certified. As evidenced by the success of our alumni, The SwingThought TOUR is the most proven avenue to the PGA and Tours. SwingThought TOUR alumni have won an amazing 17 Major Championships. Most recently, 85 of the 155 players who competed in the 2016 Tour Q School Final Stage were past players on the SwingThought TOUR.

Vision Statement: “Golf Interact will be the thought & innovation leader in Golf, delivering a scalable & profitable ecosystem of events, technology & products.” – Michael Rush, Founder

Golf Interact is a privately held company that is owned and operated by a growing collection of successful entrepreneurs, business and various industries leaders who are committed to the vision that will lead the golf industry into the future.