Game of Golf Institute (GOGI) Technology Assets Acquisition by Golf Interact / SwingThought


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Golf Interact / SwingThought Announces Technology Assets Acquisition

Charlotte, NC, Jan 28 – Golf Interact, parent company to SwingThought and SwingThought TOUR, has acquired the technology assets of Game of Golf Institute (GOGI), a leading online social network for recreational golf.

“The GOGI team accomplished an amazing feat building an engaging community of several hundred thousand users in a short period of time,” said Michael Rush, Founder & CEO of Golf Interact / SwingThought.  “We are excited about integrating GOGI’s digital tools and community into our SwingThought platform which will accelerate our ability to deliver substantial value to the golfers, courses, communities, and interest groups we serve both now and in the future.”

With the acquisition of GOGI’s technology assets, SwingThought extends its platform with an array of social and game improvement applications including social networking, score tracking and analytics, swing analysis, content lockers, groups, event calendars and more.  The integration of these capabilities will help fast-track the achievement of SwingThought’s vision to organize and simplify a golfer’s journey horizontally across their engagement with the experience of the game.

“We started GOGI with a mission to help connect and engage more golfers with their experience and passion for golf through technology,” said Derek Smith, Founder of GOGI. “We believe SwingThought is the right partner to scale this mission further, especially by bridging the digital world with their real-world engagement activities. Bringing both worlds together is a necessary model to better serve today’s tech-savvy golfer.”

SwingThought Digital Release Timeline

Golf Interact is in the process of building out its new SwingThought platform and will be integrating newly acquired features into and SwingThought apps. and all related apps, social media properties, etc will be migrated into over the balance of 2019.

Additional Value to SwingThought TOUR

As an important marketing engine for the platform, SwingThought TOUR is able to provide more support for golfers, courses, and communities, who the company views as valuable local influencers, at the developmental golf level than ever before. The company thinks of solving the developmental golf organization problem as a valuable means to a greater end in fulfilling the SwingThought’s broader purpose for golf and this provides the TOUR freedom to operate outside of typical mini tour limitations. Players should expect new digital tools that develop and advance their game to be integrated into the TOUR offering in the near future.

About Golf Interact

Golf Interact is pursuing a vision of becoming the thought and innovation leader in golf and is committed to building a high value / high impact organization by turning big challenges into even larger opportunities for all stakeholders.

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