SwingThought Journey Platform 

Purpose statement: Organize the golfer’s journey and experience

Exciting new features of the SwingThought journey platform including event and demo day locator, player profiles, game development tools including swing analysis software and much more will be rolled out on Below is an infographic that provides a little insight into what is ahead for the future of SwingThought. Please stay in touch with us as we work on our new platform by joining our newsletter, following us online or sending us a note.

Official Press Release on the latest news regarding our coming platform: Jan 28th, 2019: SwingThought acquires GOGI tech

You can support the developmental golfers our TOUR serves by following us online and publicly supporting the SwingThought TOUR players themselves. We are working on new and exciting ways that you will be able to support these local influencers along their journey. Stay tuned!

SwingThought is verified on social media with a growing following

So join in on the engagement activity of golf’s leading developmental platform. News on the future of the SwingThought platform and SwingThought TOUR will be announced throughout 2019.