We are building out a developmental system that delivers more access to more golfers, courses and communities. This includes more access to benefits and opportunities for players in addition to what ST TOUR already delivers. This is the next step in our plans. Our goal is to build a system that attracts new value, excitement, engagement, sponsors and overall value for players of various levels looking to develop and advance their games. Building something that is beyond what previous thought possible for developmental golf is the only way to set a new market opportunity for golfers, courses and communities.


  • Effective immediately (including events completed in 2017 so far)
  • Everyone earns points (participation and performance), members can spend at anytime
  • Members- Now earn above and beyond value with a ST TOUR membership
  • Reps AND performance are now rewarded across all series
  • Additional benefits will be added as we build our developmental system

Participation Examples

  • FREE Tour champ entry / FREE Major entry / FREE NS event
    • How many 2 Day SS Events to earn: 30 / 15 / 13
    • How many NS events to earn:  21 / 10 / 9

Performance Examples

  • Win 1 NS event and earn enough points for 25% off of your next NS event in ADDITION to your first place prize money! ($200 value)
  • Win 2 NS events and earn enough points for HALF off of your next NS event in ADDITION to your prize money! ($500 value)
  • Win 3 NS events and participate in ANY other event on the SwingThought TOUR and earn Free Entry into a NS event! 

2017 ST Tour policies

To join and compete on the best developmental tour in the U.S visit SwingThought.com or call 800-992-8748. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SwingThought at Facebook



About SwingThought TOUR

The SwingThought TOUR, wholly owned and operated by Golf Interact, has proven year after year to be the most outstanding avenue for players to display and develop their skills in an extremely competitive atmosphere. The SwingThought TOUR is the only Professional Tour in the country, to offer multiple series of events, besides the PGA and Web.com Tours, which offers a full week of activities that include 72-hole (36-hole cut) tournaments, free practice rounds, free sponsored beverages and snacks each week, free range balls, paid participant pro-ams, long drive contests, and shootouts at selected events. The SwingThought TOUR provides players the opportunity to experience all aspects of life as a true touring golf professional. The schedule is structured around geographical series and different varieties of championship golf courses to subject our players to any type of course they may face at golf’s highest levels. The SwingThought TOUR is operated by a knowledgeable staff who are PGA and USGA certified. As evidenced by the success of our alumni, The SwingThought TOUR is the most proven avenue to the PGA and Web.com Tours. SwingThought TOUR alumni have won an amazing 17 Major Championships. Most recently, 87 of the 150 players who competed in the 2015 Web.com Tour Q School Final Stage were past players on the SwingThought TOUR.


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About Golf Interact
Golf Interact is a golf company that aims to drive golf into the future by leading in innovation through events, technology, and products.