ST Holiday Race 2017

The ST Holiday Race 2017 & Tour Championship

  1. 1-29 players: $100 ADDED by ST TOUR to 1st place per entrant up to 29 players!

  2. 30+ players: $7,000 1st place prize @ all Holiday Race events (w/ 30+ players)!

  3. Compete for FREE Membership and Entry to ST School! 

  4. Winner of ST School earns TWENTY ONE (21) FREE ENTRIES into our BIGGEST events in 2018!

The Race begins with the November 29th Barefoot Resort- Love Course event and concludes with the Dec 19 Myrtle Beach event.

The winner of the 2017 Tour Championship as well as any player earning the most ST Points at the end of the ST Holiday Race will earn a 2018 ST Player Membership and entry into ST School January 3rd, or credit of equal value if the player is already a 2018 ST Player and registered for ST School.

Any ST Points earned during the Holiday Race AFTER a player has purchased their 2018 ST Player Membership will count towards their 2018 The 44 Series and Race rankings after ST School!

  • Participation ST Points per 36 hole event – 750
  • Additional ST Points per 36 hole event win – 1,450
  • Participation ST Points per 54 hole event – 900
  • Additional ST Points per 54 hole event win – 1,750
  • Tour Championship participation ST points – 1,125
  • Additional ST Points for Tour Championship win – 2,400


Dec 21, 2017
Jimmy Gillam 5460
Anthony Maccaglia 5185
Daniel Claytor 4525
Wade Binfield 3525
Chip Deason 3060
Justin Lower 2610
Zack Byrd 2310
Dan Obremski 2250
Parks Price 2025
Victor Wiggins 1825
Zach Seabolt 1650
Matt Hardman 1650
David Kostyal 1650
Arthur Robbins 1650
Trevor Smith 1425
Wesley Conover 1185
Austin Morrison 1185
Kelvin Day 1125
Josh Gibson 1125
Alexander Clark 900
Adam Clary 900
Troy Beaver 750
Nick Beecroft 750
Masanori Kajiya 750
Joshua Mohun (a) 750
Jackson Wymann (a) 750
Frank Adams 750
Ezekiel Brown 750
David Paladino 750
Dalton Reese 750
Christian Sease 750

“I’ve found the ST Points system to be very useful in 2017. It rewards good play with being able to reach a free entry quickly and also rewards players who have played regularly on the tour regardless of their performance. The points are as good as cash as they don’t reduce the purse when you use them…which is doubly awesome! I’m happy the Swingthought TOUR has adopted this system. The tour continues to find ways to stand out in the world of mini-tours!’

Grant Leaver, ST TOUR Player


Mission: Develop & advance Golf by delivering access to golfers, courses & communities.

Wholly owned and operated by Golf Interact, LLC. The SwingThought TOUR is the only Professional Tour in the country, to offer a series of events, besides the PGA and Tours, to include 72-hole (36-hole cut) tournaments, and a year long points race offering sponsorship opportunities for players. The SwingThought TOUR provides players the opportunity to experience all aspects of life as a true touring golf professional with a schedule built around geographical series and different varieties of championship golf courses to subject our players to any type of course they may face at golf’s highest levels. The SwingThought TOUR is operated by a knowledgeable staff who are PGA and USGA certified. As evidenced by the success of our alumni, The SwingThought TOUR is the most proven avenue to the PGA and Tours. SwingThought TOUR alumni have won an amazing 17 Major Championships. Most recently, 85 of the 155 players who competed in the 2016 Tour Q School Final Stage were past players on the SwingThought TOUR.

Vision Statement: “Golf Interact will be the thought & innovation leader in Golf, delivering a scalable & profitable ecosystem of events, technology & products.” – Michael Rush, Founder

Golf Interact is a privately held company that is owned and operated by a growing collection of successful entrepreneurs, business and various industries leaders who are committed to the vision that will lead the golf industry into the future.