ST STATUS – Need To Know!

ST STATUS IS KEY. The ST TOUR has put together an unparalleled approach for players competing in 2018. You may be seeing new words and have lots of questions. We want to break it down for you here. We are focusing on 3 key new concepts for you – ST POINTS, ST PLAYERS, ST STATUS.

“It is important to earn ST Points each and every opportunity to have the best chance of earning ST Status. In every event, players should value ST Points, not only at their cash value return into future events but immediately as their ranking to earn ST Status.” – Stephan Koblos, Sales 7 Marketing Director of the ST TOUR.

Quite simply POINTS = STATUS.  You need ST POINTS to earn ST STATUS.  The more Points, the better your status and only ST PLAYERS (Members) can have status.

Let’s look a little deeper…


POINTS are the backbone of ST STATUS.  2018 is full of opportunities to ear ST Points and gain ST Status.  State Series events, ST Monday events, National Series events, 44 Series events, and Majors all distribute ST Points for participation and BONUS ST Points for performance. The 2018 schedule is filled with opportunities.  Stay close to home in the Carolinas (our central location) or travel and play close to Monday Qs.  We have plenty of options for players.  Play and Earn.


ST PLAYERS are our MEMBERS.  Members play, earn points, gain status. Easy, right?  You also need to know this – The highest earning ST Players (members have the best opportunity to earn ST STATUS.


It’s all about the ST STATUS.  This status grants free entries into the 44 Series events.  ST STATUS is most important for players who are looking at our 44 Series events.  These are serious competitors.  Why?  The top players with ST STATUS earn FREE entry into 44 Series events.

The amount of ST Players earning ST Status is determined by the total number of 2018 ST Player memberships at the registration deadline for each ’44 Series event.  As the amount of ST Players grow through the season, so does the number of ST Players who earn ST STatus.  If there are 20 ST Players (2018 memberships) at ST School in January, there will be 5 ST Players earning ST Status and FREE entry into 44 Series events!

Ready to earn ST STATUS? Here are the 5 ways:  

  • ST SCHOOL – January 3-6, 2018 – RedTail Golf Club, Sorrento, FL
    • ST Player ONLY event – $1,000 Entry Fee
    • 72 Hole No Cut Event
    • Up to 44 of the lowest scoring field of ST School will earn ST Status =Free Entry into at least the first 8 (eight) ’44 Series events
  • The 44 Race Standings
    • As the 2018 ST Player total grows, so do the number of players earning ST Status into the ’44 Series” events
    • The highest ranked ST Players at the registration deadline of each ’44 Series event will fill in the new ST Status availability created by additional 2018 ST Players joining since ST School or the previous “44 Series” event registration deadline
  •  44 Series event alternate
    •   Highest ranked ST Players will be alternates to each ST Status holding ST Player who does not participate in a ’44 Series event
    • Unless previously informed, alternates will be contacted following the event’s registration deadline
    • Alternates will be contacted in order of there 44 Race Rankings at the event registration deadline, beginning with ST Players fully registered for the week’s event
  • The ST ReShuffle – Following the SwingThought TOUR’s 2nd Major
    • Will grant ST Status for the second half of ’44 Series’ events to the leading ST Players in The 44 Series and Race
    • The ST ReShuffle will occur in conclusion of the 2nd Major of the ST TOUR schedule
    • The leading ST Players after the reshuffle will each earn ST Status for the final 4 (four) ’44 Series events
  • Purchase the 144th 2018 ST Player Membership (“ST Players”)
    • The total number of 2018 ST Players will be updated each Friday at 5:00 PM (EST)
    • The 2018 ST Player Membership number will be tracked in order of payment received and confirmed

Ready to play ST TOUR in 2018?

ST PLAYER Membership’s are available. There are even more BENEFITS than STATUS for you during 2018, which are outlined below. Also, those ST POINTS you earn can be used for our other events  for free and discounted entries.

We have a new CHAT WITH US  feature if you have questions, or you can email or call us (800-992-8748).

“I’ve found the ST Points system to be very useful in 2017. It rewards good play with being able to reach a free entry quickly and also rewards players who have played regularly on the tour regardless of their performance. The points are as good as cash as they don’t reduce the purse when you use them…which is doubly awesome! I’m happy the Swingthought TOUR has adopted this system. The tour continues to find ways to stand out in the world of mini-tours!’

Grant Leaver, ST TOUR Player

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