Shipping Information

Shipping Fee
We keep it simple. For all parcels weighing less than 2 lb, we offer a 5 USD flat shipping fee by airmail, regardless of shipping destination. In addition to airmail, we also offer express shipping for those who can’t wait—the cost depends on the country and the weight of your package. Swing Thought Tour always selects the best airmail company or express courier for your particular parcel and shipping address. In some cases, Swing Thought is able to offer you a lower courier shipping fee. You may wish to consider courier shipping if:
– Your order contains only tea ware or tea accessories (no teas)
– You want your order to be shipped by express courier
In this case, please contact us at We will quote you a courier fee and send you a manual PayPal payment request for your order. In the near future, this shipping method will be available during checkout.

Professional Packing
Your items are packed with care by our logistics team. We use hard carton boxes to ensure your order arrives safely. We also wrap bubble sheets around the original packaging before packing it in the hard carton box.

Worldwide Shipping
Swing Thought Tour offers worldwide shipping. The majority of our orders are shipped to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and European countries. We also ship frequently to Asian countries such as Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Dispatch & Shipping Time
It is of utmost importance to us that your Swing Thought Tour orders ship promptly and with care. Orders typically ship from our warehouse in within 1-2 business days. We will send you a shipping confirmation by email when your order is dispatched. To ensure that you receive our shipping confirmations, please whitelist our email: Shipping time is generally between 7-21 days for airmail and 3-10 days for express
courier. During holidays observed, shipping companies provide limited logistic services. Orders placed during holidays may
be delayed. If your order will be delayed for dispatch, Swing Thought Tour will send you an email notification.

Air Mail & EMS Tracking
For your convenience, we offer a tracking number on all orders. Once your order is dispatched, you can find the tracking number in your Swing Thought Tour account or in your shipping confirmation email. With that number, you can track your order on the corresponding carrier’s website. Swing Thought Tour works with international delivery companies that cover all countries over the world.

All parcels shipped to countries outside of the United States may be subject to taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country. As the importer of record in the destination country, the recipient of the shipment is responsible for all import restrictions and fees. While less than 3% of the orders have customs duties and fees levied, this however depends on the destination country.

I hereby apply for entry in the Swing Thought Tournament.  In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I remit fees as agreed upon for entry and/or membership.  In further consideration of entry and/or membership, I agree to abide by the respective Tournament Policies and Procedures including Swing Thought Policies as noted in the Swing Thought Player Handbook Policies and Procedures, as well as any other policies for Swing Thought Series (Winter, Carolina Summer, and/or Carolina Winter).  I agree to abide by and be governed by the Swing Thought Tournament Regulations in effect and by the USGA Rules of Golf, subject to any modifications thereof approved by the Swing Thought.     Additionally, I grant, without limitation, SwingThought  the right to use player’s individual television, Internet, and/or other form of audio or video presentation which is now known or hereafter may exist, including, without limitation, free over-the-air broadcast, cablecast, DBS, MDS, satellite radio, broadband, wireless, pay television, subscription television, and on-demand platforms and all other similar rights with respect to his/her participation in any Swing Thought Tournament, including both personal and historical information herein for media and public relations use.     I understand that it is my responsibility to understand how Swing Thought Policies and Procedures affect my membership and/or event participation.  I agree to adhere to Swing Thought policy and procedure, and acknowledge that failure to do so may forfeit my right to play in future Swing Thought events. Golf Interact, LLC reserves the right to evaluate and modify the Swing Thought Player Handbook, policies, purses, player requirements and tournament scheduling.