“The 44” Q School Sponsorship Race

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SwingThought TOUR Presents “The 44”

$2,000 Cash Q School Sponsorship awarded to each of the top 44 ST Points earning players during The 44 race in 2017

Race Began – May 3rd 2017 at Compass Pointe

Race Concludes – Sunday October 29th, 2017

Rules & Eligibility: For Members, Non-Members, and Amateurs***

 A. Players must play in a minimum of  six (6) ST TOUR National Series events

  • Two (2) Qualifying Series or State Series events will count as one (1) National Series event towards a player’s eligibility 

B. ST Points that count towards “The 44” rankings are ST Points earned from May 3rd through October 29th, 2017

*ST Points are awarded to every ST TOUR event participant and additional points are awarded for performance. More info on ST Points here – swingthought.com/stpoints . SwingThought members can use ST Points towards discounts or free entries into future events!) 

**$2,000 cash sponsorship to each qualifying player is paid within 7 days of race completion

***Amateurs would lose their amateur eligibility upon acceptance of sponsorship at the end of the race

The first 44 players receive 44 ST Points by tweeting:

 ” I trust in developing my game on @swingthought  #The44STTOUR ????️???? swingthought.com/the44 #developandadvance #STTour #growthegame ” 

There are more than 20 ST TOUR event opportunities through Oct 29th across 3 series – National Series, State Series, Qualifying Series (Both SS, QS pays out 45% of field -Carolinas SS starts up in May, QS in September around qualifiers)

2017 ST TOUR Membership is only $750 through Dec 31, 2017

“Launching ‘The 44’ race is ST TOUR aligning itself more properly with players goals and our vision to deliver more access to golf. This is just the beginning as we expect this offering to become a staple on ST TOUR and grow.

We are not a mini tour. Mini tours run events to survive for a while. We are a developmental system to develop and advance golfers, courses and communities. If you compete and you have goals (wether its to shoot 75 in a tournament or be #1 in the world) ST TOUR is the system for you.

ST TOUR offers unmatched incentives that directly provide more access to the next level. Similar to A-AA baseball. We are just getting started building out this system and these offerings.

It doesn’t take as much as we think to change something that has needed change for a long time. U.S developmental golf needs change. Unprecedented scale and opportunity is much closer than most may think. Sometimes you just have to create what you want to see happen for it to happen.

– Michael Rush
Developmental Pro Golfer
Founder, Golf Interact/SwingThought TOUR





About SwingThought TOUR
The SwingThought TOUR, wholly owned and operated by Golf Interact (Golf Interact acquired the former NGA Hooters Tour and eGolf Pro Tour), has proven year after year to be the most outstanding avenue for players to display and develop their skills in an extremely competitive atmosphere. The SwingThought TOUR is the only Professional Tour in the country, to offer a series of events, besides the PGA and Web.com Tours, including 72-hole (36-hole cut) tournaments, The SwingThought TOUR provides players the opportunity to experience all aspects of life as a true touring golf professional. The schedule is structured around geographical series and different varieties of championship golf courses to subject our players to any type of course they may face at golf’s highest levels. The SwingThought TOUR is operated by a knowledgeable staff who are PGA and USGA certified. As evidenced by the success of our alumni, The SwingThought TOUR is the most proven avenue to the PGA and Web.com Tours. SwingThought TOUR alumni have won an amazing 17 Major Championships. Most recently, 85 of the 150 players who competed in the 2016 Web.com Tour Q School Final Stage were past players on the SwingThought TOUR.


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About Golf Interact
Golf Interact is a golf company that aims to drive golf into the future by leading in innovation through events, technology, and products.

Perform Better End of Summer Sale - Save up to 40%. Now thru 9/30/17.