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Progress Note: We are hard at work at building a new leaderboard as this is a first of its kind leaderboard and prize system where the player has control over their journey. Until then, Scores during an event are found via “Field/Times/Scores” button below. A “Final Results: Scores & Prizes” button will be available on this page after the final round. Choice Entry & ROE Prize Examples are always available for every event, ahead of time, on this same public sheet, and can be found below. We strongly encourage every player to read the “Entry and Prizes” information below and spend time looking at the public sheet as it is filled with powerful information that is designed to better support your journey. Sneak peak of new leaderboard and features…


Join us for a 36 hole Stroke Play riding event for both men and women. Register for a simple and flexible experience with one competition, one prize fund, and one leaderboard. Now you can choose the potential Return On Entry that fits your journey with Choice Entry. The top 40% of scores, at every ST event, will take home our unrivaled Minimum Guaranteed Prizes according to your undisclosed entry level.


Learn the SwingThought way now, because you’re going to love it! Choice Entry provides golfers more control for your individual journey with various levels of entry. ROE stands for Return on Entry & Experience and defines the relationship between your entry fee risk and potential reward in prize money earned. MGPs stands for Minimum Guaranteed Prizes, which means you know what to expect every time you #PlaySwingThought.

Choice Entry:

Level 4: $1000

PREMIUM ROE | Unlimited to ST Members, first 10 non-members registered at this level

Level 3: $800

MARKET LEADING ROE | Unlimited to ST Members & Non-Members

Level 2: $600

SAVE & EARN while developing your game | Unlimited to ST Members, first 10 non-members registered at this level

Level 1: $400

FOCUS on repetitions and keep costs down | Unlimited to ST Members, first 10 non-members registered at this level

Player’s ChoiceEntry Level is undisclosed for player privacy.
Early Birdie Entry (11+ days prior): Starting entry price (above) | 4-day extension for members
On Par entry (7-10 days prior): +$100 for non-members | No charge for members
Late Entry (< 6 days): +$250 all entries
4% processing fee included at checkout

Guaranteed Prizes:

Our MGPs start at the equivalency of 60 player field with 100% of entries going toward the total prize fund. When the field size grows, so do the prizes, never decreasing, giving you unrivaled ROE. We take the upfront risk to defeat the distractions of non-guaranteed prizes based on field size, all in an effort to make it easier for you to play and connect to the game!

Click For Choice Entry & ROE Prize $ Examples
All prize fund examples are provided prior to events. Prize fund earnings distribution policies can be found below in the “Tournament & Player Information” tab.

Visuals: *tap to download!



COVID 19 – Players are encouraged to practice safe distancing at all times. Special details and precautions will be communicated via email as needed. Event dates and health related rules are subject to change. We appreciate patience and understanding during this time. We do our best to provide best in class support and experience and that includes a commitment to safety of our players, partners and staff.  If you have any questions or need help with registration please call, chat with us on our website or send a note to info@swingthought.com

  • LOCAL RULE: No local rule from Belmont Lake Golf Club will apply.  
  • PRACTICE ROUNDS: Available on June 16 for a $50 fee including range balls. Please contact the course directly to schedule.
  • FIELD SIZE: Limited to 124 players. Entry is available first come, first serve with priority access for ST Members.
  • PRIZE FUND PAYOUT: Top 40% of professionals and ties. See prize fund examples above and Prize Fund Transparency for MGPs & ROE across all levels. Players tied for the final place of the stipulated cut line will equally split the original final place payout. ST Members receive earnings within 3 business days for direct deposit upon request. All other players are mailed a physical check within 7 business days to the address provided at registration. 
  • STARTING TIMES: Released after 12:00 noon the day prior to Round 1 and emailed directly to players.
  • PLAYER DRESS CODE: Shorts or slacks with collared shirt are allowed for this event – no denim.
  • RIDING: This is a riding event.  All competitors will utilize a golf cart.  Only 2 golf carts are allowed per grouping.  Groups with two or more caddies must resolve the two carts per grouping policy between themselves.  
  • CADDIES: Always required to wear SwingThought bibs.  Players are responsible for the conduct of caddies. 
  • CODE OF CONDUCT: Failure of players and/or caddies to adhere to the 2020 SwingThought Code of Conduct is a fineable offense.
  • COURSE SCORECARD: Example available below. Course set up subject to change.
  • DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, windspeed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3. First offense is 2 strokes (violation of 14-3).  Subsequent offense is DQ.
  • EQUITABLE COMPETITION: Our live events are prepared with two sets of tee markers for men and women by our PGA and USGA certified staff. Women will play a total course yardage approximately 10%-18% less than the men’s total course yardage.  These calculations may vary based on factors that include spin rates, pivot points, available teeing grounds, course yardage, wind, and hole locations, and others.
  • EIGHTY-SIX (86) RULE – Any player posting a score of 86 or higher in the first round of competition will be withdrawn from that event without refund, per 2020 SwingThought TOUR Player Policy




This information supplements the 2020 SwingThought TOUR. Local Rules and Conditions of Competition/  HARD CARD

TEEING AREA – Men players will play from the Black tee markers (IDENTIFIED BY WHITE DOT(S). Women players will play from the White tee markers (IDENTIFIED BY YELLOW DOT(S).


  1. White stakes. 
  2. White lines connecting white stakes to paved roads.
  3. Paved public roads and Parking Lots.


The edging grooves around the aprons or fringes of putting greens are ground under repair. If a player’s ball lies in or touches a groove or a groove interferes with the area of intended swing:

  • Ball in the General Area. The player may take free relief under Rule 16.1b.
  • Ball on the Putting Green. The player may take free relief under Rule 16.1d.
  • Interference does not exist if the edging groove only interferes with the player’s stance.


Players have the option of invoking this rule BUT MUST DO SO BEFORE ANY STROKE IS MADE. NOTE: all facts must be reported to committee before returning a scorecard, even if the same score is made with both balls. The player is disqualified if he fails to do so. 

If a player needs a ruling, they may use their cellular telephone to contact a tournament official:


  • Jordan Huber (843) 467-9359 
  • Eddie Overstreet (843) 902-0116  
  • Andrew Logel (732) 580-2252
  • Terry “TJ” Johnson (864) 316-1067

DESIGNATED PRACTICE AREAS- The driving range, the practice putting green and short game area.

SCORING AREA-  The scoring area is located in the pavilion behind 1 tee. 

PRACTICE – Rule 5.2 is modified in this way: In stroke play, a player must not practice on the competition course before or between rounds on the day(s) of competition. Penalty for breach of Local Rule, see Rule 5.2. Model Local Rule I-1.  Practice between holes is prohibited. Penalty for Breach of this Local Rule:

  • Penalty for 1st breach: General Penalty (applied to the player’s first hole).
  • Penalty for 2nd breach: Disqualification

ELECTRONIC MEASURING DEVICES – In this competition, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, windspeed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3. First offense is 2 strokes (violation of 14-3).  Subsequent offense is DQ.

GREEN READING MATERIALS – Rule 4.3 limits the use of equipment and devices that might help a player in his or her play.  For further details regarding GREEN READING MATERIALS AND PROCEDURES CLICK HERE 4 ¼ by 7 inches is size of green reading material.  ⅜” is max thickness – Green Reading Material

UNREASONABLE DELAY; PROMPT PACE OF PLAY;  (TIME PAR CHART LOCATED ON 1ST TEE)  Rule 5.6b(1)-Timing is on an individual basis. 5G Committee Procedures- 2019 SwingThought Pace of Play Policy:

1st offense = Warning | 2nd offense = One stroke penalty | 3rd offense = Two stroke penalty | 4th offense = Disqualification.

EIGHTY-SIX (86) RULE – Any player posting a score of 86 or higher in the first round of competition will be withdrawn from that event without refund, per 2020 SwingThought Player Policy 

ST 7 Belmont Lake Golf Club | Rocky Mount, NC 

These protocols are currently in place for ST 7 at Belmont Lake Golf Club.

DRIVING RANGE/ PRACTICE AREAS/PUTTING GREENS: ONLY PLAYERS are allowed on practice areas to help with social distancing. Warm-up, including stretching, should be done prior to arriving at any designated practice area. 

CADDIES: are allowed with players on course for competition

  • Caddies are not allowed on the Designated Practice areas, including driving Range, Practice Areas, and practice putting greens to allow for social distancing.
  • Caddies are always required to wear SwingThought bibs. Players are responsible for the conduct of caddies. 

WATER/SNACKS: Please make proper hydration arrangements. SwingThought will be unable to provide water, snacks, and fruit for this tournament 

COMPETITION ROUNDS: Players should only arrive at the first tee after all players in the previous group leave the teeing ground.

  • Starter’s Table items available will include:
    • Pencils
    • Individual Competition Scorecard
    • Hand Sanitizer (large, pump, shared bottle + spray bottle that can be used)
    • Hole Location Sheet & Notice to Players – There will be Hole Location Sheets available for players. This information will also be on the website and text to players. Phones may be used to access this information.  
    • Scorecards will be distributed by the starter so that no player has their own scorecard.


  • This will be a riding event, two carts per starting time
  • Please maintain awareness of your proximity to your fellow competitors
  • Please remain away from a group should a backup or delay occur
  • Rules Officials will observe social distancing when asked for assistance on the course



Covid- 19 Code of Conduct 

The following local rules are considered a Code of conduct under rule 1.2b and will apply to ST 7 Belmont Lake Golf Course

DISREGARDING CODE OF CONDUCT – Any player who is found to intentionally or repeatedly show disregard to any part of this code of conduct or safety of other players (safety protocols) is subject to disqualification from the competition and removal from the facility property (at the discretion of the committee) and may face suspension from the tour.


BUNKERSRAKES WILL NOT BE IN ANY BUNKERS – The following addendum applies:  When the ball lies in the bunker, players may use “preferred lies”.

Preferred Lies in Bunker – 

  • The player MUST mark the spot of the ball and may lift, clean, and place the original ball or another ball within one club length of the reference point (spot of the ball), and the ball MUST remain in the same bunker. 
  • The relief area must not be nearer the hole than the reference point (spot of the ball) and MUST remain in the same bunker.  
  • The relief area must not be improved in any way (ie. by smoothing with foot or any other equipment before the ball is replaced). 

Penalty for playing a ball from the wrong place OR smoothing sand before placing the ball: General penalty (2 strokes).


LIVE SCORING: If available, players will allow volunteers to take a photograph of their scorecard.   

SCORING AREA: Players should keep both scores on the scorecard as normal. Players have the option for scores to be certified in the following way: Player A will read back Player B’s scores to the scoring official, Player B will read his own scores to the scoring official. Scoring officials will update the leaderboard. Players should not leave the designated scoring area until the scores are certified by all parties.  Once player(s) exit the designated scoring area, scores are considered official.  


Spectator Carts are subject to availability, which will be determined by Belmont Lake Golf Course staff, spectator carts may be rented. Please check with the host course. If spectator carts are available, the cart must always stay on the cart path. If carts are not available, spectators will be allowed to walk.

Our live event competitions are a means for men and women to take advantage of hard to come by support. Our events are driven by intentional investment that covers the risk of MGPs, Choice Entry & ROE, operational costs. This is all in an effort to provide players a BETTER solution than what has been present to date. Our partners have invested over $3MM directly into players through our events and this investment will continue as it benefits the company’s vision and mission for its SwingThought platform. Players are solely responsible for their behavior on-course and on-screen. Any inappropriate behavior that compromises SwingThought and the opportunity for players, courses and partners is subject to fine or banishment. We understand that in the heat of competition it is easy to have emotions get the best of us and social media provides opportunity for immediate sharing of frustration. The reality is that public shaming of the golf course, other players, the platform, payouts etc only hurts your personal brand and future opportunity – it is not worth it. This kind of behavior adversely affects our sponsors, course partnerships and all those who work tirelessly to deliver BEST IN CLASS tournament experiences and financial opportunity for players. We will protect the opportunity we are fortunate to be able to deliver so many, especially in a post covid-19 world where sports landscapes are changing and entire tournament series are disappearing due to the economic hardship. We will take swift action with fines or bans for those who are unable to maturely take their gripe to our team privately and respectfully.

If you appreciate truly having control of your own risk and reward, playing for more than what you bring to the table regardless of field size and experiencing a consistently great tournament set up… Help us protect the opportunity by making sure a few bad apples don’t spoil it for you and others. Some people have a vested interest in making sure support to players is limited, we are aware of this and our response never wavers: We continue on our path, fulfilling our mission to make it easier for anyone to play golf.

Very few people, companies, advertisers and the like are attracted to negativity. People are attracted to enthusiasm, growth and opportunity. The more players we have that are taking advantage of our platform and are sharing online and otherwise about your experience… The more we will be able to do for you.

If you have questions, comments and complaints please address it through proper channels – we are here to serve you.

We are excited about what is ahead for you when you “Play SwingThought”, thank you for respecting the investment that is being made into you and golfers like you by everyone involved publicly and privately with SwingThought.



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